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“While the corporate gift process can sometimes seem like a chore during an already hectic time of year, try to embrace the true intentions behind gifting,” say Hannah and Ariel Redmond, co-founders of Happy Box. Between them, the sisters have over 20 years of gifting experience, and recently shared some of their tips with AllBusiness.com.

The current state of corporate gift-giving isn’t impressive. The Redmond sisters note that 88% of people participating in the Alyce Corporate Gifting Survey said they would exchange a corporate gift for something more suited to their interests.

So is it even worth the effort?

“Of course corporate gifting is an expense, but if you think of it as an investment in your business’ future, it can be quite exciting,” Hannah and Ariel write. “Be sure to properly plan ahead. Then, seize the opportunity, do it the right way with the right intentions, and you’ll naturally obtain the results that you’re hoping for.”

So how do you keep your gifts from being among those 88% that recipients want to exchange? The Remonds have five suggestions:

  • set a budget that allows for good gifts (i.e. not “too cheap”) and stick to it;
  • add a pleasant element of surprise by mailing or shipping gifts;
  • personalize the gift, even if that just means including a handwritten note;
  • ensure it arrives in a pretty package; and
  • look for practical gifts, since they are often the most appreciated.


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