Advantage Career Institute Medical & Dental School (ACI) is pleased to announce that ACI President Frank A. Preston has been voted in as a Commissioner of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Secondary Schools.

One of six regional accrediting agencies in the United States, the Middle States Association (or MSA) has nearly 3,000 member schools in the United States and over 90 countries around the world. The Middle States Association is recognized by the United States Department of Education, and works with the US State Department on the accreditation of international schools attended by the diplomatic corps and US citizens living abroad. As with any accrediting agency, the MSA recognizes schools that meet its high standards of quality. ACI Medical & Dental School is currently accredited by MSA-CESS.

The MSA Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are made up of 37 leaders in education and business, representative of the MSA’s diverse membership. As a Middle States Commissioner, Mr. Preston will serve member schools by reviewing and voting on the accreditation of schools, as well as setting policy for the organization and overseeing finances and strategic planning.