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Ray Cantor – VP, Government Affairs

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) will not meet the deadline Governor Murphy initially set for the adoption of a final Energy Master Plan (EMP).  The draft EMP was released in June and was the subject of numerous public hearings and influenced by a modeling exercise called the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) conducted by the Rocky Mountain Institute.  NJBIA was actively involved in all of these processes.

The delay of the final EMP is welcomed by the NJBIA because we would rather see a well thought out product than one adopted to meet an artificial and meaningless deadline.  Still, we anticipate that the delay will not be long, and we could see a final product in the next 30-60 days.

NJBIA met with senior staff at the BPU this week to reiterate our concerns about cost not adequately being addressed in the draft EMP and not being a limiting factor in the IEP process.  While supportive of the carbon reduction goals in the Global Warming Response Act and Governor Murphy’s call for “100% clean energy” by 2050, we also believe that ratepayer and consumer impacts need to a central factor in any policy decisions, and any policies need to ensure reliable and affordable sources of  energy.  NJBIA also opposes calls for using 100% renewable energy as unrealistic, unreliable, and too costly.  We have advocated a balanced approach that recognizes the essential role both nuclear and natural gas must play in our future as well as the need for wind and solar and an increased electrification of our transportation and building sectors.  We also have advocated for shorter term actions based on what is achievable now rather than committing to goals 30 years out that cannot be met with existing technologies.

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