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On Friday July 21, Governor Christie took action on the following Employment and Labor bills:

Absolute Veto

A-3480 (Downey/Lampitt) –Would have prohibited employers from using an applicant’s salary in determining a salary amount for the applicant at any stage in the hiring process including finalizing the employment contract.

NJBIA opposed this legislation because it did not permit an employer to seek or confirm a prospective employee’s wage or salary history after an offer of employment with compensation has been negotiated and made to the prospective employee.

A-4870 (Prieto/Oliver) – Would have increased the minimum wage to $17.98 for subcontracted service workers at Newark Liberty Airport, Newark Penn Station and Hoboken terminal. In addition, the bill would have provided substantial fringe benefits including vacation time, paid sick leave and supplemental wages for health and welfare. Including the supplemental wages, the new minimum wage would have been $22.25 per hour.

NJBIA opposed this legislation. Our testimony can be found here

Conditional Veto

A-4927 (Prieto/Oliver) –Would have expanded the number of employees who can collect paid family leave, increased the amount they could collect, and doubled the number of weeks they can collect it while doing nothing to the amount paid into the fund that pays these benefits. The bill would have also lowered the exemption threshold from employers with less than 50 employees to employers with less than 20 employees.

NJBIA opposed this legislation, and our testimony can be found here.

The conditional veto message can be found here.

Signed into law

S3176 (Madden/Mukherji) – Changes the year used to calculate Temporary Disability Insurance benefits and Family Leave Insurance benefits from the most recent calendar year to the most recent fiscal year.

NJBIA supported this bill because it will give private TDI providers more time to market and sell their services.

The complete list of bills that were acted on can be found here.

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