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Hackensack Meridian Health Network’s new initiative “Keeping America Safe” is offering schools, businesses, and other organizations with COVID-19 the guidance they need to reopen and stay on track during the pandemic. 

During a recent NJBIA webinar, HMH Client Relations Director Joanne Clarke said the program was inspired by feedback from business owners during a virtual town hall hosted by the New Jersey Business Coalition and NJBIA last fall. 

“Everyone was very concerned about having a very clear path and plan for reopening,” Clarke said. “Now we’re two months past that and there are new concerns because this pandemic is evolving and we’re evolving with it.” 

Mike Geiger, Vice President of Care Transformation at HMH, said the newly renamed “Keeping America Safe” program is designed to be a resource to the community during COVID-19. 

Tier 1 services focus on providing quick access to information. This includes a “Direct Connect Hotlineto obtain answers from HMH experts, an online resource center, and weekly updates on local and global COVID-19 information.  

Tier 2 offerings include on-site visits from a team of HMH experts who will do a walk-through of facilities, as well as review policies and procedures, and provide customized recommendations. Add-ons to both modules are also available, including virtual meetings and learning modules for screeners. 

“We want to be part of the solution,” Geiger said. “That’s our mission as a healthcare network, to make sure that we’re taking care of the communities that we serve.” 

To find out more about the program, listen to the complete webinar here. 



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