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Tony Bawidamann Vice President, Government Affairs

NJBIA values the opportunity to submit comments on the 2019 Energy Master Plan (EMP). NJBIA appreciates the continued recognition that energy production and use, economic growth and environmental protection are tied together. As our state continues to strive for a healthy competitive business climate, energy plays a critical role in business decision making.

Since the commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors consume 76 percent of all energy in the state, NJBIA and its members have a vested interest in the creation of any plan that sets goals for energy conservation and consumption. NJBIA agrees that if potential energy efficiency load reduction goals are met, ratepayers would see cost savings. However, it is also likely that if the state imposes goals and they are not met, it will mean higher prices for ratepayers. Therefore, it is a priority of NJBIA to ensure that ratepayers do not experience price increases as a result of unmet goals. Furthermore, it is our priority to ensure that no steps are taken without a cost-benefit analysis.

Please click here to read our comments that were submitted on Oct. 12, 2018.


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