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Beth McGrane, NJBIA HR Generalist

Finding the right hire is never an easy task. The interview process is key in gaining as much knowledge and information about the skill set, abilities and fit of any potential new hire.

It’s an essential part of the hiring process to take the time to prepare for the interview, a little investment of time can save a lot of time in the end. But, what questions should you ask?

As the employer, the types of questions asked during the interview process must be job related and non-discriminatory. It’s important to keep the questions related to the essential functions, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the role that you are seeking to fill. That’s where an updated job description becomes crucial for before you begin the interview process. You can formulate questions from the core competencies and required skills in the job description as your guide.

NJBIA’s new comprehensive HR Support Center platform provides sample questions you should not ask, and, when necessary, a lawful alternative for you to consider.

Do Not Ask: Lawful Alternative:
Are you a United States citizen? Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?
Do you have any disabilities? Are you able to perform the essential functions of this position?
How much longer do you plan to work before you retire? What are your long-term career goals?
If you get pregnant, will you continue to work, and will you come back after maternity leave? What are your long-term career goals?
How do you feel about supervising men/women? Tell me about you previous experience managing teams

To bring maximum benefit to its members, NJBIA recently launched a new, comprehensive HR Support Center platform that provides employers with a host of time-saving tools and resources, the most up-to-date HR information, and live professional consultations seven days a week.

NJBIA’s HR Support Center is included in NJBIA membership dues, while access to Support Center PLUS, with HR On-Demand services seven days a week, can be accessed for a nominal fee of $300 a year.

HR Support Center benefits include:

• Policy library & law alerts
• HR forms, documents and templates
• Employee handbook builder
• Resources covering common employer laws including ACA, FLSA, and FMLA
• Extensive COVID-19 content
• HR webinars lead by HR professionals to drive lead generation for you
• Monthly HR newsletters and eAlerts from NJBIA
• HR fitness test to assess HR compliance gaps
• Guides on popular HR topics

Members who upgrade to the HR On-Demand feature receive:

• Unlimited live advice via chat, telephone or email
• Question and answer history
• HR Concierge Live Chat
• Custom multi-state employee handbooks and consultation
• Custom project requests
• COVID-19 live help

Employers, both NJBIA members and non-NJBIA members, can learn more about NJBIA’s HR Support Center at or call 1- 800-499-4419. For a video about NJBIA’s HR Support Center, click here.


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