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Ray Cantor – Vice President, Government Affairs

Testimony Before the Senate Labor Committee

My name is Raymond Cantor and I am Vice President of Government Affairs for the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, the largest statewide business association in the nation representing over 1 million jobs.

I am here to oppose Senate Bill No. 4219 which would expand the publically funded projects to which project labor agreements could apply.  We have two reasons for our opposition: this bill will increase costs for government projects and it will prevent many of our members from competing for public work contracts.   At the same time, it does nothing to improve safety or to improve wages.

Costs will rise because contractors will lose their inability to obtain productivity improvements and because there will be less competition for public contracts.  Moreover, this bill will prevent many of our members from participating in the public bid process even though they are in full compliance with labor law policies and practices.  Government should not be allowed to factor otherwise lawful labor practices into the contractor selection process.

At a time when we are trying to do more with less in the public sector and keep taxes in check, this bill goes the opposite way.  Lame duck is not the time to rush through this legislation.  We request that this committee hold the bill and give it more consideration.


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