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Yesterday, June 23, the Senate voted to amend S-799 (Weinberg, Sweeney).  The two amendments would:

  1. Exempt employers with fewer than 10 employees.
  2. Clarify that an employee begins to accrue sick leave when the employee commences employment and shall be eligible to use the earned sick leave beginning on the 100th calendar day after the employee commences employment, unless the employer agrees to an earlier date.

The exemption for small businesses is significant and I have thanked the sponsor for the amendments.

There is still, however, more work to be done on the bill and therefore, we should continue to work with the sponsors to address our concerns.

The bill may be posted in the Senate next week for consideration.  I have updated the desk letter.  Please review and get back to me with any recommended changes.

Also, there has been no change in the status of the Assembly bills (A2785, A1446).  There are still two different versions and no consensus on which bill to move.  If anyone has heard anything different please let me know.

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