The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey has spent years fighting to gain recognition as a business leader for the African-American community. Today, they have it, not just in New Jersey, but across the nation.

As reported by Anjalee Khemlani of the news website ROI-NJ, AACCNJ was recognized as the best among all chapters of the National Black Chamber of Commerce at an annual event Tuesday in Washington, D.C., earning the title “Chamber of the Year.”

“This work is not easy,” said an emotional John Harmon, the AACCNJ’s CEO and president. “We’ve run an organization that is somewhat nontraditional. Every day, we are pushing back on perceptions. The organization has matured right on the public stage.”

Harmon, a banker by trade and the son of a trucking company owner, has been with the chamber since its inception in 2001.

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