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Just because you are a small business on a budget doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence can’t work for you.

According to Brian Hughes, CEO of Integrity Marketing & Consulting, there’s a reason AI usage has grown 270% in the last four years. It has become easier to use and offers more affordable options than many people think.

“There are many free and low-cost AI options that support small business success. Start using them today to increase your responsiveness to today’s market conditions and anticipate tomorrow’s trends,” he states in Entrepreneur magazine.

He explains how businesses are using AI in lead generation, sales, data collection, HR, and competitor analysis, all with tremendous overall results. For example, he cites one source showing companies that used AI for sales increased their leads by more than 50%and reduced call time by over 60%.

He also explains that AI can level the playing field for small businesses when it comes to using data.

“Innovations in AI data collection and analysis can provide small companies with the same critical decision-making information as to their larger counterparts,” he writes. “These systems use internal data as well as collect it from various sources to present a complete view of the business and opportunities in the marketplace.”

He notes that companies such as Crayon can track competitors across most digital channels, including social media, to gather a variety of information that can be used to adjust pricing, marketing language, and more.

“For small businesses operating in a highly competitive market, this AI application is a must,” he states.

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