Businesses that already have existing state contracts to provide services, construction, hazardous waste remediation, maintenance or other work are not bound by the COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements mandated in Gov. Phil Murphy’s recent Executive Order 271, NJBIA said Tuesday.

NJBIA Director of Government Affairs Alexis Bailey said NJBIA has been in touch with the governor’s office and receive assurance from his top staff that E.O. 271, which requires state-contracted workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing, applies only to new contracts and contract renewals. Contracts that existed prior to the executive order being signed on Oct. 20 are unaffected.

“The Governor’s Office has been providing guidance on enforcement and compliance to departments,” NJBIA Director of Government Affairs Alexis Bailey wrote in a memo to members. “If you are aware of an issue with a specific department not properly enforcing this mandate or applying it to existing contracts, please let me know and we will bring it to the front office’s attention.”

Going forward, E.O. 217 will require state contractors whose employees enter or work at any state property to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly coronavirus testing. The executive order does not address the cost of COVID-19 testing and regulatory compliance. However, because the administrative order applies prospectively to future contracts, the administration assumes those issues will be built into bids and negotiations, Bailey said.

To read the entire memo to members, go here. To read E.O. 217, go here.