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The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today passed three bills to make apprenticeship programs more viable in New Jersey.

NJBIA supports the measures.  Apprenticeships will be a key tool in closing the gap between the lack of skilled workers and the demand businesses have for them.

“Apprenticeships give students the kind of hands-on learning they need to have successful careers after graduation,” said NJBIA Vice President Mike Wallace.  “The great thing is, we know that apprenticeships naturally fall into job categories that are in demand. Businesses don’t create training programs for jobs they’re not looking to fill soon.”

Specifically, the committee voted to:

  • provide corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for businesses that participate in DOL registered apprenticeship programs (S-3061);
  • provide a tuition fee waiver for apprenticeship courses (S-3063); and
  • establish a youth apprenticeship pilot program in the Department of Education (S-3065).

Both the federal and state governments have ramped up apprenticeship programs because the nation is facing a severe labor shortage.

New Jersey has already created a $10 million Apprenticeship Network (NJAN) that Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo says will benefit workers and employers alike by supporting traditional apprenticeships, as well as new initiatives in high-growth sectors.

The three measures approved by the Labor Committee are designed to make the program more effective and affordable.