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If you have 30 to 49 employees, you could find yourself dealing with a new state law in the near future.

The law itself, the New Jersey Family Leave Act (FLA), has been around since 1990, but until this week, it only applied to businesses with 50 or more employees. But when the state expanded the Paid Family Leave Act in February, it also extended the FLA to smaller employers.

FLA is a job-protection law: It allows employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a family member and still get their job back, or something comparable, when they return. Don’t let that simple description fool you, though; complying with the FLA is a complicated bureaucratic undertaking that includes updating your employee handbook, keeping track of the leave your employees take, and maintaining their health benefits while they are out.

To help small businesses adapt to the new requirements, we asked attorney Michael Shadiack to walk employers through what the law requires and provide some tips for compliance. Check them out:

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