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As reported by NJ101.5 News’ David Matthau this week, NJBIA is strongly opposing a bill that effectively takes personnel decisions away from employers – and potentially lands them in jail for not retaining service employees for 90 days after a change of ownership or service contracts.

NJBIA Vice President of Government Affairs Alexis Bailey explained to Matthau why bill S-2389/A-4682 is an extreme example of government overreach and how it validates New Jersey’s reputation of not being business friendly.

“All around I think this is just problematic for service vendors in the state, business owners that want services done for them,” Bailey said. “It’s going to make it, I would say virtually impossible for businesses to be able to change their service contracts as they see fit.”

Bailey said not only is this government meddling, but “ultimately that can have health and safety impacts for our employers and really residents across the state.”

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