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The inclusivity behind a recently-released Focus NJ report featuring 18 recommendations for rebuilding the workforce in a post-pandemic economy is one of its biggest strengths, said NJBIA Chief Communications Officer Chrissy Buteas.

Buteas told NJ101.5 News reporter David Matthau that the “Education Equation Part 2: Strategies to Reskill, Reshape & Rehire New Jersey’s Workforce,” took input from more than 100 business, academic and government experts to formulate key recommendations.

“We need to all work together — business, academia, and our educational institutions and our government officials … to make sure that we’re connecting the dots,” Buteas said.

Buteas reported on NJ Business Beat with Rhonda Schaffler that such collaborations are important in terms of establishing those recommendations.

“One of the key recommendations is the development in those career pathways, that takes a lot of collaborations among business to be able to identify what are those skill sets of the futures,” Buteas said. “As well as our academic partners, to be able to offer those really critical certifications and degrees that are needed to advance the workforce.”

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