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The Cancer Hope Network (CHN) has created a Young Professionals Advisory Committee to provide young adults impacted by cancer a platform to share their insights and experiences to bring about positive change and influence CHN’s direction and strategies. 

The Young Professionals Advisory Committee will include young adult cancer survivors, those who have served as primary caregivers to a loved one with cancer, and healthcare providers who are eager to make a meaningful impact. These committee members will work closely with the leadership team and board, and actively contribute to the CHN’s vision and mission. 

“Appealing to a younger demographic is critical to the longevity of our organization and is one step in our goal of ensuring all individuals have someone who can walk their cancer path with them,” said Terri-Ann Feindt, CHN’s board chair and CEO.  

“Through the guidance provided by this new committee, we will be better equipped to provide support to a group of individuals who are balancing adult milestones with the lasting impacts of cancer,” Feindt said. 

Jeremy Kaye, audit and assurance senior manager at Deloitte, is spearheading the creation of the committee and will serve as its chair. A cancer survivor himself, Kaye’s expertise and dedication to advocating for cancer survivors is a driving force behind the initiative. 

“My own experience with cancer has led to a desire to give back and support others who are in the same position I found myself in, which is why I’m thrilled we are now able to formalize a committee to drive further change,” Kaye said. “Through the committee, we are creating an inclusive community of change-makers and leaders united in their dedication to supporting those affected by cancer and fostering hope.” 

While the committee aims to empower a new generation of leaders in the cancer space, it also serves as a crucial step for CHN to expand its team of trained peer mentors to provide the best possible support for young adults diagnosed with cancer who are looking to connect with someone who can relate to their experience. The committee will also inform and drive programming to reach more young professionals who may not know about Cancer Hope Network’s peer support services.  

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About Cancer Hope Network 

Cancer Hope Network’s mission is to instill hope in cancer patients and their loved ones through one-on-one peer support from survivors and caregivers who have faced a similar experience. Through its one-on-one peer mentorship program, CHN provide personalized, supportive connections for patients and caregivers based on diagnosis and treatment, as well as mental, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs, individual lifestyle choices, and other personal circumstances. The Chester-based nonprofit is a proud NJBIA member.