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With the state of California recently announcing it will ban the sale of all gas-powered vehicles by 2025, New Jersey residents are still wondering if the Murphy administration will follow suit.

In an interview with NJ101.5’s David Matthau this week, NJBIA Deputy Chief of Government Affairs Officer Ray Cantor said the Garden State could face multiple problem if or when California’s clean-air standards.

Cantor told Matthau that if the plan takes place for 2035, “we’re going to need to double of more our electrical capacity, and we have concerns that we don’t have the plans in place for that as well.”

Cantor said that “while solar is increasing, while we’re looking toward wind, that’s not going to be near enough. You can’t just produce energy, you have to be able to connect it to a grid.”

He also noted many people won’t be able to afford to buy an EV unless prices drop significantly, and there are also major supply chain questions that could impact vehicle availability.

“There’s an awful lot of planning, there’s an awful lot of capital investment. We think the state’s goals of electrification are far ahead of its plans to make it actually work,” said Cantor.

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