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NJBIA Deputy Chief Government Affairs Officer Ray Cantor told NJ101.5 News reporter David Matthau this week that the state Department of Environmental Protection is being “extreme” in proposing land use standards based on a projection of five feet of sea level rise in the next 80 years.

The DEP are basing these standards on a Rutgers University report that the agency admits is an outlier projection, and what Cantor says isn’t current data.

“The study is outdated, no one else in the entire world is making these predictions,” Cantor told Matthau. “The real level of predictions are closer to 2 feet.

“It’s going to make it more difficult or literally impossible to build or redevelop along our coast, including cities like Asbury Park and Jersey City,” Cantor said about the proposed standards.

Cantor also said the proposed standards will lower property values and property tax revenue.

“And it’s going to prevent our normal shore protection, our beaches and dunes from being replenished every year because you can’t meet the new standards,” he said.

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