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Being unafraid to explore new career possibilities and building the professional relationships that produce those opportunities was the advice NJBIA President & CEO Michele Siekerka shared with Junior Achievement of New Jersey students during a recent JANJ “Career Conversations” broadcast.

“I am so far off my original career path – and I don’t look back for minute,” Siekerka told Sanjana Suresh, a JANJ intern and fireside chat coordinator.

Siekerka said her own career path from an attorney in private practice to advocating for businesses as the CEO of the nation’s largest statewide employer association happened because of her strong networking skills that opened the doors to different career possibilities beyond practicing law.

“Don’t miss an opportunity that can be staring at you, and build relationships in ways that can bring you to new opportunities…” Siekerka said. “That’s how I am where I am today.”

To watch the entire interview, go here.