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Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been awarded NJBIA’s Healthy Site Certification for its unflinching commitment to ensuring the workplace remain a continually clean, safe and healthy place to work since the outset of the global health emergency. As early as February, Sava put in place strict social distancing, as well as hygiene and workplace sanitization policies designed to dramatically reduce an employee’s risk of exposure, contraction, and transmission of COVID-19. Said Director of Operations Bob Konig, “We were very proactive, and our employees were incredibly responsive to what has been an evolving and dynamic situation.”

Learn More about NJBIA’s Healthy Business Certification Course

NJBIA’s Certified Healthy Site distinction is awarded to New Jersey businesses that demonstrate stringent adherence to health workplace safety criteria established by OSHA standards, as well as CDC and WHO checklists. The certification’s coursework requires a business to thoroughly demonstrate it maintains a workplace infectious disease control and mitigation strategy that satisfies the strictest requirements set by the world’s health and disease control organizations. Health and wellness mitigation systems and policies are evaluated and graded against prevailing standards set by U.S. and world health safety authorities. Routine audits, inspections and long-term planning of safe and healthy workplace measures are likewise assessed for their adherence to the most meticulous standards.

President and CEO Chris Krasas has made the company’s proactive response to workplace and employee safety an urgent priority, adding, “We’ve made our workforce’s safety and wellbeing our company’s most pressing priority since the pandemic began. Being recognized and certified by NJBIA for our commitment to the safety of our workforce, while keeping our business uninterrupted, is a special honor of which we are all so enormously proud.”


For 50 years, Carl Stahl Sava Industries, Inc. has been an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of custom cable assemblies, precision miniature and small cables, fittings, pulleys and tools for a wide array of industries, including wearable and surgical robotics. Over the decades, customers from around the world, possessing mechanical cable and fittings needs, have grown to depend upon the deep bench of expertise of Sava’s in-house team. For more information, visit or call 973-358-0737.