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The latest population estimates from the U.S. census confirm what many have said and others have denied – New Jersey’s outmigration is real. 

According to a report by Pew Trusts this week, the Garden State is one of 16 states that lost population last year – as the U.S. experienced the slowest national population growth since the Great Depression. 

New Jersey saw a population decrease of 8,887 from last year, according to July 2020 population estimates. 

Pew Trusts reports that New York and California had some of the biggest drops between mid-2019 and mid-2020, with New York losing about 126,000 people and California losing almost 70,000, according to annual Census Bureau estimates that are not related to the official 2020 census counts.  

The biggest population gainers were Texas, up about 374,000 people for the year, and Florida, up about 241,000. Those figures, however, do not take into consideration the coronavirus spikes that happened in those states after July. 

The annual estimates are based on births, deaths, construction permits and other records. 

To see the full report, click here.