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Legislation to revive New Jersey’s science and innovation commission would help focus resources on one of New Jersey’s best economic assets, its innovation ecosystem. That’s why the New Jersey Business & Industry Association supports the bill, which was released today by the Senate Economic Growth Committee.

S-2329 (Sarlo D-36; Singer, R-30)/A-3652 (Zwicker, D-16; Coughlin, D-19) would re-establish the NJ Commission on Science and Technology as NJ Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology.

“NJBIA supports this legislation as it requires the commission to appoint an Innovation Council from its membership,” said Chief Government Affairs Officer Chrissy Buteas. “The intent of this addition to the commission is to resolve ways to leverage the transfer of technology research academia and industry. Such academic-industry collaborations could be stimulated by way of advanced technology centers, innovation partnership grants, business incubation facilities and technology extension services.

The 17-member commission would be responsible for the developing policies and programs in science, innovation, and technology and ensuring they are adequately funded.

It would also be charged with stimulating collaboration between businesses and academia through advanced technology centers, innovation partnership grants, business incubation facilities, and technology extension services.

“The added focus on innovation in this bill falls in lockstep with one of NJBIA’s core missions of regaining New Jersey’s status as an innovation leader,” Buteas said. “NJBIA commends the sponsors of this legislation, which supports the important goal of bolstering New Jersey’s innovation ecosystem.”