It’s yet another way the workplace has changed in recent years.

“Not too long ago, if someone wanted to visit you at work they would show up at your business, head down the hall and walk into your office,” NJ 101.5 radio’s David Matthau noted in a Monday morning story. “But with the rising threat of workplace violence, that is no longer the case at most New Jersey businesses.”

It’s a trend that NJBIA has notices. NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka told Matthau that r most companies in New Jersey want to always be prepared for a situation.

“We have to be really in tune with the fact that threats about workplace safety can come from both inside the building and outside the building,” she said.

Siekerka said businesses are doing more to beef up security by installing video surveillance, alarm systems, extra lighting and requiring ID badges and sign-in sheets for visitors. Some companies, depending on their size and nature of their business, may even have armed security guards.

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Employers can also get information about preventing workplace violence from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.