Several of President Donald J. Trump’s cabinet nominees have been confirmed by the U.S. Senate in the last couple of weeks, but some key members, including the nominee for the Secretary of the Department of Labor, are still up in the air.  NJBIA’s Mike Wallace is keeping track of them and has put together an updated list of where each nominee stands.

Updated Status of Cabinet Members


Nominee Cabinet position Former position Status
Scott Pruitt Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Oklahoma attorney general Pending
Linda McMahon Administrator of the Small Business Administration Former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment Pending
Jeff Sessions Attorney General U.S. Senator – Alabama Confirmed
Mike Pompeo Director of Central Intelligence U.S. Representative – Kansas Confirmed
Daniel Coats Director of National Intelligence U.S. Senator – Indiana Pending
Mick Mulvaney Director of Office of Management and Budget U.S. Representative – South Carolina Pending
Sonny Perdue Secretary of Agriculture Former Georgia governor Pending
Wilbur Ross Secretary of Commerce Investor, former banker Pending
James Mattis Secretary of Defense Retired Marine general Confirmed
Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education Philanthropist, Charter school advocate Confirmed
Rick Perry Secretary of Energy Former Texas governor Pending
Tom Price Secretary of Health and Human Services U.S. Representative – Georgia Confirmed
John Kelly Secretary of Homeland Security Retired Marine general Confirmed
Ben Carson Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Former Director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital Pending
Ryan Zinke Secretary of Interior U.S. Representative – Montana Pending
Andrew Puzder Secretary of Labor CEO, CKE Restaurants, Inc. Pending
Rex Tillerson Secretary of State CEO, ExxonMobil Confirmed
Elaine Chao Secretary of Transportation Former Labor secretary (2001-2009) Confirmed
Steven Mnuchin Secretary of Treasury Goldman Sachs partner Confirmed
David Shulkin Secretary of Veterans Affairs Under secretary for health for the Department of Veteran Affairs Confirmed
Nikki Haley U.S. Ambassador to United Nations Governor of South Carolina Confirmed
Robert Lighthizer U.S. Trade Representative Former deputy U.S. trade representative (early 1980s) Pending
Michael Pence Vice President Governor of Indiana Elected
Reince Priebus White House Chief of Staff RNC Chairman