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The state Division of Consumer Affairs is notifying licensed cosmetology and hairstyling schools that it has relaxed COVID-19 operating restrictions and issued new guidance on best practices for these programs.

Administrative Order 2021-16 eliminates many previous requirements put in place during the pandemic, including requirements for facilitating social distancing and the submission of a restart plan. All programs involving clinical instruction must ensure students comply with any standards applicable for services provided in licensed shops, the order says.

Acting Division of Consumer Affairs Director Kaitlin Caruso said program directors at the 34 cosmetology schools in the state should review the administrative order, as well as the COVID-19 health and safety guidance that the division released on July 6. Questions should be directed to the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

The division also issued Administrative Order 2021-17 affecting cosmetology shops; barber shops; beauty salons; hair braiding shops; nail salons and massage establishments. That order removes most of the earlier COVID-19 restrictions affecting those businesses, including the requirements for staff screening. The order continues to allow cosmetology services to be performed outdoors in the immediate vicinity of a shop.

Throughout the pandemic, NJBIA has taken an active and leading role for the hairstyling and cosmetology industry by helping to support the Salon and Spa Alliance by bringing the concerns of all members of that coalition directly to the Legislature.