It happened again. A ransomware attack hit servers around the world yesterday, informing businesses throughout Europe and the United States that their data has been encrypted and it would take $300 in bitcoins to get it back. See details here.

There are ways businesses can protect themselves, however. At NJBIA’s Cybersecurity Summit in the Spring, Rashaad Bajwa, president and CEO of Domain Computer Services, Inc., offered five ways businesses could protect themselves with tools they already have in their existing software or that cost very little. View article here.

Also, Gene Tom, NJBIA’s director of Information Technology, offered four simple tips for avoiding ransomware that any business can employ.  View video.

And if you need more, we can put you in touch with other IT professionals throughout the state to discuss new threats and the best ways to combat them.  Just sign up for NJBIA’s Information Technology Network. Open to NJBIA members only.