Larry Mendte interviewing Michele Siekerka

Policies like mandatory paid sick leave and a $15 minimum wage are coming to New Jersey. NJBIA’s Michele Siekerka explains how NJBIA is working to protect businesses as these policies move through the legislature.

“We know there’s going to be a pathway to a $15 minimum wage,” NJBIA’s president and CEO also says in part 2 of her interview with Larry Mendte on New Jersey Matters. “We need to make sure that pathway is one that is done in bite-sized pieces.”

Siekerka also thinks the state has a great chance for landing Amazon’s second headquarters despite the challenges of doing business here.

“We have the best workforce in the country—a highly skilled workforce here in New Jersey,” she says. “We have great infrastructure. And location, location, location; you don’t get a better location than New Jersey.”

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3 responses to “Dealing with Paid Sick Leave, $15 Minimum Wage Proposals”

  1. Richard says:

    The sick mind of this governor giving out raises to $15 an hour with my money .
    Let Him pay the raise out of his own pocket.
    If it happens I am going to mail him the keys to the business.
    And then I’m going to call the Bergen record and tell them why 25 minorities got laid off.

  2. Roh says:

    Well said. Running business is very hard with this kind of increase.

  3. Toose says:

    That’s the problem with socialist style programs, eventually, you run out of everyone else’s money!