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NJBIA Chief Government Affairs Officer recently spoke to NJ101.5 News about the good news found in a new six-bill package, introduced by Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, which attempts to give small business more resources and assistance.

“A package like this that makes the government more responsive to their needs, and tries to present it in an easier way for them to access is great and will be very helpful,” Emigholz told NJ101.5 reporter David Matthau.

On the information front, bill A-4749 calls for the creation of an informative small business manual that details assistance programs and regulatory processes overseen by different state departments.

A-753 would provide a cure period for minor first-time violations committed by small businesses, giving them an opportunity to fix an unintended error.

Emigholz said this was a positive in a highly-regulated state like New Jersey, if a business inadvertently does something improper.

“If it’s a small business and they made a mistake as a clerical error and it’s not putting anybody in danger, let’s not be so quick to punish them,” he said.

While the bill package is overwhelmingly package for New Jersey small businesses, Emigholz said more still needed to be done to provide more affordability to the business community.

“We did a lot of good things in our budget this past June but there was a lack, a startling lack of focus on small business affordability in the budget,” Emigholz said.

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