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The state Department of Health is asking New Jersey businesses to encourage workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by sharing educational information, setting up no-cost pop-up vaccine clinics in workplaces, or providing incentives, such as paid time off, to get the vaccine.

The New Jersey Employer Vaccination Toolkit  available online here contains educational outreach materials, a sample template letter that can be sent to employees, links to social media videos by healthcare professionals, details on how to host a no-cost pop-up vaccination clinic, information on the state COVID-19 call center, and additional ideas to promote the vaccine.

“Studies suggest that people trust their employers more than their governments and religious leaders to deliver safe and accurate information regarding vaccines,” the toolkit says. “Because of this, the State is asking for your help to promote the vaccine among the New Jersey workforce.”

The toolkit also shares what other companies are already doing to promote vaccinations, such as cash bonuses, paid time off, reimbursement for Lyft rides to vaccination sites and more.

Employers interested in hosting a free pop-up vaccination clinic for their New Jersey workers are asked to first complete a brief online survey  that provides contact information at the Department of Health where questions about logistics and other concerns will be answered.

“Having a vaccinated labor force is the most effective way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at work,” said Paul Phillip Loureiro, corporate affairs coordinator, in the governor’s office.  “We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to increase the awareness of and access to COVID-19 vaccines for your employees, and to support them in getting vaccinated.”

Everyone age 12 and older in New Jersey is eligible for a free COVID-19 vaccine. The online New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub has the latest vaccine scheduling and business reopening information here. To access the online Employer Vaccination Toolkit, go here.