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Virtual Meeting October 10 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Free Paradigm Marketing and Design Email Website

Six Steps to Develop a Compelling Brand Message

You have just 7 seconds to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Are you nailing it? 

Consistent, concise, and clear brand messaging can boost your revenue by up to 33%. But crafting a compelling brand message that resonates is no small feat, and many businesses struggle to articulate their value to their target audience in a way that resonates with them.  

In fact, unfocused messaging is the number one reason many businesses attract the wrong audience in the first place. This adversely affects your bottom line by creating busy sales teams that produce few results.  

Developing a clear and concise message for your business or organization is simple though not always easy. However, it is possible if you know the process. 

Uncover the path to success: Join us for October’s Business Growth Roundtable and learn a 6-step process to create a message that will attract your target audience. 

We will discuss: 

  • Why defining your target audience is critical to develop messaging that brings in qualified leads
  • Tools to identify your target audience at each buying stage 
  • How to uncover your customer’s genuine needs, buying motivators, and wants from   their perceived ones 
  • Essential ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of crafting effective messaging 

This webinar is ideal for:  

  • Business owners and leaders 
  • Sales managers 
  • Sales professionals 
  • Marketing professionals 

Meet Our Featured Speakers
Rachel Durkan Rachel Durkan President, Paradigm Marketing and Design

Rachel Durkan – as the founder and president of Paradigm Marketing and Design – has spent the last seven years helping her clients make millions of dollars and realize their goals. She has become a highly regarded figure in the marketing industry and is widely recognized for her exceptional business and marketing intelligence, as well as her passion for sharing that knowledge for the benefit of others.

For more information, please visit

Vicki Harte Vicki Harte Director of Client Engagement, Paradigm Marketing And Design

I love working a room—but not in the traditional sense. For me, it’s all about meeting people, learning what makes them tick, and educating them. I don’t sell; I help people become astute decision makers of marketing services that solve their problems.

I can help connect the dots between marketing and sales for business and nonprofit leaders because I have done it myself. I have started and run my own business and created, from the ground up, the marketing functions for a company I worked for. Throughout my career, I have seen the synergy between marketing and sales empower businesses to meet their goals, and I thrive on sharing that knowledge with others. I am a well-connected networker with a keen awareness of brand development and messaging. Relationship-building is in my blood; it fuels my fire. I have built a successful career helping small and mid-size businesses demystify marketing and crystallize their objectives through relationships built on trust and integrity.

In 2023 I was honored to receive a Gold Stevie Award for Sales Director of the Year for my work at Paradigm and collaborative efforts, winning a Bronze Stevie Award in 2022. As Director of Client Engagement at Paradigm, I am responsible for building relationships with our B2B, professional services, and nonprofit clients, helping to identify new business opportunities where our data-driven approach can increase brand awareness and produce a strong ROI. As the external face of the Paradigm brand, I build authentic relationships with business professionals, while representing Paradigm as a strategic partner that helps them achieve a more marketing-savvy approach to driving business growth