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Policy Committee Meeting December 5 9:00 am - 11:00 am Free Ray Cantor Email

Please join us on Tuesday, Dec. 5 for the last Energy and Environment Policy Committee meeting of ’23 being held online via Zoom video conferencing.   
As we have done in the past before the start of a new legislative session, Senator Bob Smith, Chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, will be speaking on his legislative agendas for both lame duck and the upcoming legislative session.  This is a must-attend presentation if you want to know what you will be working on for the next two years. 

We will be hearing from representatives of NJEDA, who will be speaking on their brownfield redevelopment incentive programs. We are also working on securing another speaker on energy issues.  Stay tuned. 

Finally, we will be providing updates on EVs, PACT, EJ, PFOS, and everything else you need to know about as we head into a new year.