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Adapt or Lag Behind

Keeping up with the pace of technology is essential to stay competitive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving and hyper-connected business environment. The sales landscape has fundamentally changed, driven by rapid advancements in technology and a seismic shift in buyer’s behaviors and preferences. In fact, 67% of the buyer’s journey now takes place digitally. And what used to take 3.68 cold calls to reach a prospect in 2007 now takes eight.*

The pace of change in the sales industry is infinitely higher today than it’s been in 40 years. If you’re not evolving at the speed of technology, you will lose customers to more tech-savvy and agile competitors.

On September 12th, Sandler Training CEO Dave Mattson, a 30-year industry veteran, will show you how to get and stay ahead of the curve and secure your competitive edge!

Join us for the virtual September Business Growth Roundtable to learn about:

  • Trends that are shaping the sales landscape
  • Proven approaches to help you stay ahead of your competition
  • How to incorporate evolving technological innovations and emerging practices into your sales infrastructure

During the one-hour session, the renowned industry expert and best-selling author will show you how to:

  • Use AI technology for conversational, account, revenue, and buyer intelligence to uncover growth opportunities
  • Tailor your sales approach to drive customer engagement and boost conversions using data-driven insights
  • Future-proof your sales strategy to maximize profitability, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Business owners and leaders
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals

Don’t miss this chance to shape the trajectory of your business.  Register today!

Meet Our Featured Speaker

Dave Mattson Dave Mattson CEO & President, Sandler Training

Dave Mattson is the CEO and President of Sandler Training, the world’s largest sales effectiveness organization, serving clients across 230+ locations in 30 countries. With over 50,000 global customers, clients, and partners, Sandler Training empowers sales professionals and leaders to master the craft of selling at all levels. Dave is also a best-selling author, sales and management visionary, and highly respected entrepreneur.