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Virtual Meeting February 14 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Paradigm Marketing and Design Email

The Path to Sales Enablement

Our Featured Speakers

Lorena Mosquera Lorena Mosquera Workflow Strategist, Paradigm Marketing and Design

I’m a special blend of traits, from tech geek, data aficionado, and super detail-oriented to big picture focused. I also have a knack for being able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once – like volunteering, fundraising, community advocacy, work and family – thanks to my outstanding organizational skills, which also happen to serve as the foundation for the work I do here at Paradigm.

Prior to joining the Paradigm team, I was President of LW&H Business Solutions, a firm focused on automating processes for marketing, sales, operations and finance departments in order to free up employee time, increase efficiency and capture metrics. It’s a role that allowed me to put all of my strengths into practice and earned me the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, Leader in Business award by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

Now, as a Workflow Strategist for Paradigm, I oversee the company’s Workflow division to ensure the systems we implement empower our clients to streamline, organize and scale successfully. I support our workflow team as they start with the end in mind so that the platforms we build turn data into answers. At Paradigm we believe in strategy first and my unique skills and expansive background equips me to anticipate technology needs and blend that technology with human behavior resulting in impactful business process automation.

Outside the office, I am Co-Chair of the Women’s Business Leaders Council and an active member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. I currently reside in Sparta, N.J., with my daughter, son and two fur babies.

Cal Thomas Cal Thomas Performance Development Expert, Sandler Training

For over 25 years, Cal has been teaching, training and coaching professionals and business owners to improve both their business performance and their personal performance.; With C-level sales expertise spanning a broad range of industries and operational experience with Fortune 100 companies to sole proprietorship, he brings an exceptional breadth of understanding to help his clients excel in their sales and management roles.

Please visit, for more information.

In a recent study, 71.4% of respondents reported their sales process has changes as a result of transitioning into a remote environment. 91% had difficulty gaining buyers’ attention and keeping them engaged virtually and 88% reported sales teams having difficulty developing relationships with buyers in a virtual environment.

Their challenges are:

  • Not generating enough inbound leads
  • A poor close rate
  • Losing track of follow up status in the “sea of lists”
  • An inconsistent sales process
  • A sales cycle that is way too long

But the virtual selling environment isn’t going anywhere, and you can be successful if you adjust your strategy.

This webinar will discuss develop sales enablement strategies that will:

  • Generate more leads
  • Turn those leads into closed business
  • Successfully automate follow up processes
  • Create consistencies in your sales process that work every time
  • Improve your closing rate

This Event is Ideal For:

  • Business owners and leaders
  • Sales managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals