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Virtual Meeting May 17 10:00 am - 11:15 am The NJBIA Event Team Email

Presented by the
Women Business Leaders Council

Your brand is built on your story. When you build your brand, you elevate your leadership status.  As you excel as a leader you become an influencer. As an influencer, you become a thought leader, a trusted advisor, and a go-to resource.

Influence accelerates trust which drives better results. Period.

Join us for our virtual meeting on May 17 with Donna Miller, Chief Visionary Officer at C3Workplace and Founder of Donna Miller Business Growth Consulting.

During this engaging and inspiring presentation, Donna will dive into the importance of building your confidence, walk you through the process of crafting your story, and help you capitalize on brand influence. She’ll also share strategies for:

  • building your platform,
  • attracting partners, and
  • creating influence that ultimately closes more sales and converts clients to cash.

This presentation is ideal for a wide audience including:

  • business owners,
  • sales professionals, and
  • mid-level managers.

By joining our Women Business Leaders Council, you get to connect with professionals from many different business backgrounds who share an interest in staying informed and engaged on emerging issues that create opportunities for business success. All of our councils are open to members and future-members.

Councils are free to members. If you are a future-member you will be invoiced $19 upon registration.

Meet Our Featured Speaker

Donna Miller Donna Miller Chief Visionary Officer, C3 Workplace & Founder, Donna Miller Business Growth Consulting

Donna Miller is Chief Visionary Officer at C3Workplace and Founder of Donna Miller Business Growth Consulting.  She is a business growth expert, a community leader, a speaker, an educator and an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping businesses thrive.

She and her team have helped thousands of companies accelerate their growth by providing advisory & support services around operations, marketing, business development and finance. She believes that companies should be a force for good, that a rising tide lifts all boats, and she very much believes in the power of collaboration – the C3 in C3Workplace stands for Connect, Collaborate, Community.

Donna speaks regularly on topics that help businesses and professionals to thrive. She is engaging, fun, informative, inspirational, and always makes sure the audience walks away with value (action steps). She facilitates panels and speaks regularly at major events across the country.