When the name is the Women Business Leaders Forum, it’s natural to assume the event is for women. I’m here to dispel that notion.

Yes, the purpose of the Women Business Leaders Forum is to help women reach the top of the corporate ladder; women are greatly under-represented in the C-Suite and corporate boards. But we structured the program to be valuable to women and men alike.

So here are five good reasons men should attend the Women Business Leaders Forum.

  1. Diversity is good for business.

Studies have shown that companies with diverse leadership deliver better results and higher returns. In other words, diversity is good for business. Companies will benefit if their leaders, male or female, have a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding diversity.

  1. Everyone needs new skills.

While the forum focuses on women unlocking the C-Suite, the program will help develop leadership skills that both men and women can use. Experienced leadership coaches and communications professionals will show you how to raise your professional profile, become a better problem solver and get on non-profit boards.

  1. You’ll get different points of view.

The benefit of diversity is that it brings different perspectives into business decisions; the Women Business Leaders Forum  will give you different views of old problems, along with new ways of solving them. And for those who value diversity, the program will provide insight on how corporate women and men can better navigate the workplace and deal with some of the inherent biases that many struggle with.

  1. It will be inspiring.

Keynote speaker Jeff Henderson learned to cook while in prison. When he was released, he took a job washing dishes in a famous restaurant. Through years of hard work,  he developed into Chef Jeff, a celebrity with a memoir, two TV cooking shows, and a national following.  Chef Jeff will discuss how self-knowledge and self-confidence can result in great success, even when it seems the chips are down.

  1. Declare your commitment to diversity.

Coming to this event is a declaration that you and your company are committed to diversity in the workplace. If your company is serious about promoting diversity, your presence at the Women Business Leadership Forum is a great way to let people know it.

Betty Boros is NJBIA’s Chief Member Value Officer