They call themselves the Million Dollar Food Guys on their YouTube show – but not for the reasons you might think.

The moniker applies to the dollars that go into their respective food businesses every year. Now, Mike Jurusz, owner of Chef Mike’s ABG restaurant in South Seaside Park, and John Berruti, proprietor of Harvest House Bakery in Farmingdale, are speaking out about how the newly enacted $15 minimum wage will impact operations in the food industry in the short and long term.

In a recent episode, the two have a blunt and frank discussion on the need for themselves and others in the food industry to raise prices due to the wage increase. They also speak about the unintended consequences they see as a result of the new law – employees with fewer skills losing their jobs to those with higher skills.

To view their commentary, see their video here.

One response to “Frank Talk on $15 Minimum Wage from Food Guys”

  1. we have been in business 30 years and raises are given on merit, not what the goverment sets as a standard. You are sending the wrong message. Employees will think, I do not have to do anything just wait for the goverment to take CARE OF ME!
    Do we not have enough of the “it is free” mentality in the USA?