As the job market improves, finding and keeping good employees becomes increasingly important. Gallup recently looked at what workers value most in a job, including what motivates them to take a job with a different organization.

“These answers can also give them insights into why some of their employees, including many of their best ones, may be leaving,” according to “The Dream Job,” published March 1 by Gallup’s online Business Journal. “More than one in three employees (35 percent) have changed jobs within the past three years, and 91 percent of employees left their company to do so…”

Gallup asked employees how important certain attributes are when they consider whether to take a job with a different organization and found that employees place the greatest importance on a role and an organization that offers them:

  1. the ability to do what they do best
  2. greater work-life balance and better personal well-being
  3. greater stability and job security

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