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Ghosts apparently aren’t limited to cemeteries or old houses. From offices to toy stores, workplaces have proven to be a plentiful source of spooky stories.

Writer Barbara Swenson has put together an account of some of the haunted workplaces across the country, including the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C., where the Vice President of the United States works.

“Like their brethren that frequent cemeteries and old houses, office ghosts tend to do their haunting late at night,” Swenson writes. “Apparitions, voices, footsteps, knocks, and doors slamming after most people have left for the day are some of ways these ghosts make their presence known. For people who are bothered by someone looking over their shoulder while they work, having an active office ghost about can be more than a little unnerving.”

And if you’re looking for workplace ghost stories a little closer to home, check out this article by Kelly Roncace in

Happy Halloween, everyone!