Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday announced career and training schools in New Jersey can reopen on July 1, subject to protocols set by agencies responsible for oversight.

However, the delay could leave training schools’ students at a disadvantage when it comes to getting jobs.

As Frank Preston, president of ACI Medical & Dental School in Eatontown, explained to NJ101.5 radio this week, his students were approved back on April 9 to do “clinicals,” which give them hands-on experience at real healthcare facilities. But because guidance for training schools was delayed until this week, those clinicals did not happen, and ACI’s graduates were not able to accept job offers.

“We have a lot of organizations, healthcare organizations, hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental offices, that we have very strong relationships with that utilize our students for staffing,” Karen Brey, ACI vice president and director of career services, told NJ101.5’s Patrick Lavery. “They’re not able to get the people on the front lines that they’re looking for in order to fulfill the healthcare job opportunities that are available, especially now during COVID-19.”

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