Owners and operators of health and fitness clubs are wondering why they cannot reopen while their peers in 47 states can. According to testimony before several Senators strategizing on how to continue reopening New Jersey’s economy, gym owners said are facing bankruptcy or permanent closure.

NJ 1015 Correspondent Michael Symons has a recap.

2 responses to “Gym Owners Warn Senators Their Businesses Are on the Brink”

  1. The Governor IS forcing gyms out of business – I have several that are part of my Bergen County chamber of commerce and it is devastating to watch it happen and not be able to help.
    What does Murphy have against gyms? Believe me, he is not concerned about spreading the virus – let him visit these gyms and so how clean they are and how they CAN run safely.

  2. Bea says:

    Let gyms reopen. Limit capacity. Leave it to individuals to decide the health risk for themselves.