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Can automation provide viable alternative solutions to the problems business owners face?

Larry Alton, an independent business consultant writing for, writes of the potential benefits that automation can have for a small business.

Like big companies, small businesses can use automation to eliminate repetition and improve communication with prospects.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of automation is data. Automation can make data easy to use without having to take the time to manually go through it and organize it yourself.

Alton warns that a business owner should be careful not to go too far in automating their operations, lest they let automation dictate the path of the company. Alton says that the challenge with automation for business owners is figuring out how to streamline, without losing control over the path they want for their own business.

“Balance is a precarious word in business,” writes Alton, “If you’re too focused on balance, you’ll ultimately limit your flexibility. Having said that, striving for balance with automation is a good thing.”

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