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Finding quality employees with valuable soft skills is a must for any business. But how do you spot the job candidates who have them?

Thirteen different members from the Young Entrepreneurs Council, writing for, shared what they look for to spot the people who have the soft skills they need.

A major theme among the recommendations is to look for the employee who shows maturity as a person and as a coworker. One of the writers says emotional intelligence is an important soft skill because it helps an employee to navigate the different relationships and situations they may encounter, diminishing the likelihood of conflict. Another contributor writes that self-reliance is important, since a self-reliant employee helps the company run more smoothly.

Another area of skills that employers looked for is sophisticated thought. One such soft skill mentioned in this area is problem solving abilities, since having that ability helps to show that an applicant is reliable and won’t need a lot of hand-holding. Other soft skills that others mention are the ability for critical thinking and the ability to think independently. Both of those show that an employee can think differently about the company and the world, helping a company by finding new solutions and new approaches to different issues.

Hiring managers can learn a lot about how an employee can work within their company by looking at what soft skills they possess. With the right person, an employer can harness those soft skills into an asset.

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