NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka went live on NJ101.5 news radio to field calls from businesses worried about the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing policies designed to slow its spread.

Siekerka spent an hour on the Dominski and Doyle show saying she expects businesses to have access to additional capital, either through tax holiday policies or other initiatives, when the Senate votes on its legislative package tomorrow. She also said that government agencies and private banks were prepared to offer capital to qualified small businesses to help get through the crisis.

“The first discussion is- what type of emergent economic relief do we need in order to keep our businesses up and running,” Siekerka said. “We’re going to get through this. We’re going to rebound quickly if our workforce is at the ready and our businesses are ready to open the door tomorrow.

“The goal is to keep folks as strong and intact as possible because that’s going to give us the best opportunity to rebound successfully and fast on the other side,” she said.

Go here to access an audio file of the show.

4 responses to “ICYMI: NJBIA Talks Business Economic Assistance for Coronavirus on NJ101.5”

  1. Joseph Allegra says:

    As a small business owner, I need my insurance company to put in a claim for lost income. My creditors and landlord will only wait so long.

  2. Joseph Allegra says:

    Follow up to my comment. I was told by my insurance agent that Virus closures are not covered under my loss of business policy. Thank you

  3. Daniel Politi says:

    You didn’t close down because of a virus, you closed because of a government decree, which might be covered by your insurance.

  4. Louis Grieco says:

    BANKS/CREDIT CARDS should reduce payments to only interest and push principal back,
    SBA low interest loans may help, but they are still another payment with no income for it.