Are you missing out on offering employees the benefits they really want?

Employees are looking beyond health insurance, paid vacation and 401(k)s for more financial rewards and more flexibility on how, and when, they do their work. What’s more, they are ready to change employers to get them.

Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplace report suggests “that many employers are under-delivering on the quality of these offerings. Key lesson: You may already have the benefits your employees want, just not at the level they would like.”

The survey measured the value employees put on each perk compared to the percentage of companies that offer it.

For instance, the most valued perk is monetary bonuses, with 54 percent of employees saying they would change jobs to get them. However, 47 percent of employers already offer monetary bonuses, so the differential is only 7 percent. By contrast, only 35 percent of employees said they would leave if they could choose to work offsite full-time, but only 12 percent of employers offer it, for a differential of 23 percent.

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