Elevator pitches from more than 30 local businesses, a rundown of the top business issues facing the state, an impromptu history lesson on the Underground Railroad, and a new way to help cancer survivors.

Sounds like a special event, doesn’t it? And in many ways it was. NJBIA partnered with the Capital Region Minority Chamber of Commerce (CRMCC) for an early morning networking event on Oct. 15 at the RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center in Mercerville where all of the above happened and a lot more.

But CRMCC President Herb Ames hosts these networking meetings every month. In fact, if you look at the upcoming events from all of our ChamberLink partners, you will see calendars chock full of networking events.

It’s not hard to figure out why. Small businesses value the opportunity to personally present what they have to offer potential clients. Advertising and marketing will never be replaced, but nothing beats the one-on-one interaction between a business owner or manager and a future client.

Another thing that makes these events special are the small businesses themselves. Business people are dynamic, interesting movers and shakers, so getting 30 or so of them in one room—with maybe a little coffee to get them going—and you can’t help but have a special event.

Among the business leaders there on Tuesday was Linda Salley, president of the African American Museum of Bucks County, just across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. Hers is a traveling museum that brings the local history of African Americans to both Bucks County and New Jersey.

And Paula Beiger, of Hamilton, who runs Our Town community magazine with her husband Jack, has a book coming out about how cancer survivors fight economic ruin as they battle their disease. The proceeds of her book will go to help families fight their financial battles as their loved ones fight for their health. (Learn more here.)

Herb and the CRMCC do a great job for their members, so it’s not a surprise that their networking events are always first rate. But any time you get a bunch of dynamic people together, special things are bound to happen. That’s what makes networking events so popular.

In the meantime, check out our ChamberLink members for networking events in your hometown.

For the uninitiated, ChamberLink is a partnership between NJBIA and 23 local business organizations for the mutual benefit of our member companies. We coordinate our activities, join together in advocacy, and offer member pricing to our events for our partners.