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The House of Representatives has passed legislation that would modernize the IRS, but even though it has overwhelming bipartisan support, there is controversy over allowing the agency to offer its own online tax filing system.

The Hill writers Naomi Jagoda and Cristina Marcos say “the legislation would make targeted reforms to the IRS in a number of areas, including taxpayer services, taxpayer rights during the enforcement process, identity theft protection, information technology and electronic systems.”

“The bill will improve the Internal Revenue Service and help our taxpayers,” said Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the author of the measure.

Even though the bill passed April 9 with a voice vote, some legislators criticized its limitation. It codifies the IRS’s partnership with tax preparation companies to allow them to offer free filing software for low- and middle-income taxpayers, but bars the IRS from providing its own free electronic tax filing system.

Freshman Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.), one of the provision’s critics, said the bill is too important to oppose, but pledged to introduce unspecified legislation “to address the problems that have been inserted by special interests.”

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