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In last week’s column, I mentioned three new ChamberLink members, but I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you much about them. So let’s learn more about the chambers of commerce in Franklin Lakes, Salem County, and The City of Millville.

In one sense, the Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce is the newest of the new kids on the block: It’s been around since the mid-20th century, but had been completely inactive since the 1980s. Then John C. Morley took over and breathed new life into the organization. An engineer and local business person, Morley saw a need for businesses in this beautiful North Jersey town, and after a few years of work, has started growing the membership, offering events, and providing a forum for its members.

“Everyone on this earth has a great value; please give us the opportunity to meet you at an upcoming Franklin Lakes Chamber Event and discover that magic you have,” Morley writes on the chamber website.

Toward the other end of the state is the Salem County Chamber of Commerce, formed by a group of business owners in 1943 to serve businesses in Salem City. Today, the Salem Chamber represents businesses throughout the entire county and boasts roughly 380 members. It’s focused on expanding collaborations, being a leader on key issues and exploring regional opportunities.

“Although much has changed in the past several decades, our mission has remained the same. We are still a group of business people dedicated to making Salem County a better place to live, work and do business,” according to the website.

In neighboring Cumberland County, the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the proposition that the business interests of the area have much in common, and that cooperative efforts can lead to lasting improvements in the regional business environment.

“The Chamber believes that mutual support and involvement are key to success, and has worked to create opportunities throughout the year for members to get together,” according to its website.

Among other events, the chamber holds monthly luncheons that allow members to confer on recent events and hear from a variety of interesting speakers. Newly elected State Senator Michael Testa is the scheduled speaker for next month’s luncheon.

We now return to our regularly scheduled networking. Check out these upcoming events from our ChamberLink partners, and remember, as a member of NJBIA you get to pay the chamber of commerce member price for any events you wish to attend.