Only 39 percent of people nationally report being satisfied with the benefits package their employers offer, according to a Randstad US  survey released earlier this week.

However, those employees may not have the full picture. Only half of survey respondents says the know all of the perks their employers offer.

Either way, satisfaction with benefits will go a long way in determining whether or not an employee leaves for another job.

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“Almost all employees want their employers to ensure the benefits offered have a meaningful impact on their quality of life, like paying off student loan debt and offering more flexible work arrangements,” Ranstad said in a press release. “But before employers attempt a benefits overhaul, they should perhaps focus on better education and communication about their existing benefits.”

Among the findings:

  • Health insurance reigns supreme; 75 percent of respondents cited healthcare as a priority, while only 21 percent chose retirement funds or pensions.
  • Only 48 percent of employees report knowing all the perks their employers offer, and only 40 percent say their employers help them understand the benefits that are available.
  • Benefits are a strong incentive when considering a job offer. Sixty-six percent of workers agree that a strong benefits and perks package is the largest determining factor when considering job offers, and 61 percent would be willing to accept a lower salary if a company offered a great benefits package.
  • Benefits are important for retention as well. Forty-two percent of employees say they are considering leaving their current jobs because their benefits packages are inadequate, and 55 percent say they have left jobs in the past because they found better benefits or perks elsewhere.
  • Among different perks, respondents rated early Friday releases as most desirable, followed by flexibility and remote working, onsite lifestyle amenities and unlimited vacation time.

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