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The latest salvo in the fight against New York City’s congestion pricing tax plan, which could cost New Jersey commuters and small businesses thousands of dollars, has been launched by a private nonprofit that has put up bold billboards in high-traffic areas in both states.

Ads that declare “Less Congestion. No Congestion Tax” and “Paying a Congestion Tax to Sit in NYC Traffic? Get Outta Here” were unveiled Monday by Choose New Jersey in strategic areas, such as west of the George Washington Bridge and Astoria Boulevard toward Grand Central Parkway. Both ads end with a call to “Move your business to New Jersey.”

A total of nine are planned at locations, including Manhattan, the Bronx, and Hudson and Bergen counties.

“New York’s congestion tax scheme is unfair for North Jersey commuters who already pay so much in tolls and fees,” Gov. Phil Murphy said Tuesday. The advertising campaign “presents an opportunity for us to stress the value proposition of New Jersey for New York City residents and businesses alike: an ideal location, talented pool of workers, less congestion, and, most importantly, no congestion tax.”

On Monday, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) announced he is introducing legislation to address New York’s congestion pricing tax by reducing federal highway funding to any state that implements such a plan. The tax that New York plans to implement in 2024 would hurt New Jersey commuters and small businesses making deliveries and pickups in Manhattan.

Menendez noted that in addition to $17 tolls to cross into New York through the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, a $23-a-day congestion fee would impose a $5,000-a-year burden on New Jerseyans who work or do business in Manhattan, as well as an added strain to New Jersey’s transit systems and infrastructure.

Choose New Jersey said that in conjunction with the congestion tax ads, its overall advertising campaign will highlight the state’s thriving industries, top-ranked school systems, and exceptional talent with taglines that include “This is New Jersey: Where Boardwalks and Biotech Thrive” and “This is New Jersey: Where Tech and Rec are Booming.” The wide-reaching campaign will hit business executives in key targets domestically and internationally.

“New Jersey has all the assets businesses need to succeed along with the quality of life that attracts top talent,” said Wesley Mathews, President and CEO of Choose New Jersey. “New Jersey’s ideal location and diverse communities are major assets for successful companies and their employees. Our team stands ready to assist businesses in their relocation or expansion decisions.”

The buy includes digital billboards, taxi tops, and other digital assets directing audiences to the new business attraction website The campaign website details the state’s thriving industries and how companies in those sectors can benefit from New Jersey’s rich business ecosystem.